CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The gorgeous coat of snow left Sunday morning left us feeling a whole lot like winter, even as we welcomed Daylight Saving Time.

The northeast now braces for that same storm with travelers here in the Queen City dealing with flight cancellations to the northeast across the board.

"We thought for sure we'd be able to get home safe and sound because the storm's not supposed to start in Connecticut until 2 a.m.," Kate Glazewski said. "So, it's a bummer."

Glazewski and her husband are heading for home in Hartford. But they may be stuck in Charlotte for the next couple of nights.

"We booked it for 10 p.m. tomorrow night, but we think that's going to be in the middle of the storm, so we're not even sure," Glazewski said. "We were thinking about going back to Key West for a couple more days."

The cold temps are expected to get even colder and Blackhawk Hardware's noticing a clear trend with their customers.

"We're moving more firewood than we normally would even during the winter," Don Wilkerson said. "It's been brisk the last day or two since the weekend when we had the snow."

Wilkerson says faucet protectors and ice scrapers are also in high demand, as the winds of winter aren't going quietly.

The rainy night here means snow in the mountains, with some areas expected to get anywhere from two to six inches.