CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hurricane Matthew is inching closer to the Carolinas coast this morning and rather than evacuating, some residents have decided to stay.

Folly beach has an eerie feel as most homes, businesses and gas stations have been boarded up and closed. Police have even blocked off the road into Folly beach, only allowing residents and media through. They're making it very clear to those who do pass through that if you decide to stay, you're on your own.

These warnings may not last much longer. If the weather worsens, law enforcement will evacuate as well, closing the roads behind them. If residents decide to stay, they will have to fend for themselves.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley urged residents to evacuate Thursday saying, "this is the time we absolutely need you to go out, I mean, when we're looking at storm surges that surpass Hugo you know it's a problem."

Many are hearing the governor's message loud and clear.

Folly beach resident Rosie Knotts evacuated Thursday. "I just figured it was safer to take off, better safe than sorry," Knotts said.

More than 2.5 million people were under evacuation orders from Florida to South Carolina. However, some have decided to stay and ride out the storm.

A local young surfer said he was used to it, his Dad prepared him for these types of situations growing up and that he was 'born ready.'

Residents continue to evacuate as of Friday morning before it is too late.

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