CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte area is now playing host to two weddings after Hurricane Matthew forced the couples to relocate from the beachfront parties they’d planned.

There were cheers and a kiss between the bride and groom, but it wasn’t quite the wedding Chrissie Nelson spent a year planning. She and her fiancé ended up exchanging vows at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse

“We thought it would be really special to get married on the ocean."

But Hurricane Matthew blew the outer banks plans right out of the water, forcing her and fiancé, AJ, to rethink things-- and fast.

“I was very sad Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, very sad – overwhelmed.”

Her family and friends took over, and in eight hours managed to get a full party planned for this weekend here in Charlotte.

“I feel happy, I feel very loved, very appreciative,” she says.

Sam Berinsky said the same thing as she and her bridal party got their nails done in Rock Hill-- instead of Charleston, as planned.

“I’m surprised at myself. I don’t usually handle stress as well, been a lot smoother than I expected,” she told NBC Charlotte.

That’s because her Matron of Honor started calling around.

When they reached the event planner at the City Club of Rock Hill, they learned the club was supposed to be hosting a reunion for the Rock Hill High Class of '91, but when they heard about the wedding they said, 'Take our space, we’ll have a reunion another time.'"

The bride to be said, “I want to hug all of them, it’s amazing-- testament for human kindness.”

Both brides say the location may not be what they planned on, but neither is the outpouring of love and help they’ve received. And that’s what really matters.

“There’s gonna be a wedding and it’ll be good,” Chrissie says smiling.

“It really is a story we’ll be able to tell forever.”

Some pretty great love stories.