CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As Hurricane Matthew churns on a patch towards the North Carolina coast, a federal disaster declaration has been approved for 66 eastern and central counties.

That means federal help and supplies will be available for help if there are major problems from the storm.

Governor Pat McCrory has also declared a State of Emergency in all 100 counties in the state, meaning there will be state resources available to not assist along the North Carolina coast but also to states to the south.

Said the Governor, "I just got off the phone with Governor Haley, informing her that we have provided two swift water rescue teams, two medical evacuation buses and a helicopter rescue team."

The Governor said everyone should prepare for power outages, some that could last for hours, days, or even longer.

McCrory warned that those who are inland should take precautions, too.

"I'm even more concerned about inland areas, 10 to 20, 40 miles inland. That's the history of North Carolina having major flood issues."

President Obama called McCrory Friday to discuss storm preparations and to coordinate the efforts of state and federal officials.

Said McCrory, "This is not just a North Carolina issue. This is a whole southeastern issue."