CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The North Carolina Department of Transportation is getting ready for winter weather and one big way they're preparing is by increasing their snow and ice budget.

The sight of DOT crews preparing their vehicles means, as they say in Game of Thrones: winter is coming.

"It's a beautiful morning, but when snow and ice come, the conditions change rapidly and a lot of folks don't change their driving skills to modify how the weather changes," said Jen Thompson.

And for the drivers who don't follow the tips, like increasing following distance and reducing speed, a slick road can be treacherous. That's why statewide, the snow and ice budget is up to $70 million this year, compared to $50 million last winter. But if DOT does reach that total, they won't cut back any resources.

"We continue to treat the roads, we continue to clear the roads," Thompson said. "We don't scale back our employees because that's our responsibility to keep the roads safe and clear for the public."

For now, the roads are clear, but a full arsenal of vehicles are lined up, ready to go for when it's not.

"For Mecklenburg County, we have about 60-to-65 trucks that are ready to go to spread salt and/or brine," said Maintenance Engineer Bryan Davis.

The folks at NCDOT say Mecklenburg County is one of the most challenging because it has the interstates, I-77 and I-85. They have to hit those primary routes before they can begin to treat secondary routes, where a lot of homes are at.