CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Winter Weather Advisories in the Charlotte region meant folks all over the Carolinas were scrambling to prepare for a dose of wintry weather.

One mention of snow in the forecast and it seems everyone panics for bread, milk and sleds.
Don Wilkerson, manager of Blackhawk Hardware, assured NBC Charlotte there will be plenty of prepping supplies to go around this season. The first items that usually go are ice scrapers and ice melt, both of which are pretty easy to find — for now.

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But the big story this weekend is going to be the frigid temperatures after a wave of moisture moves through the Carolinas. Morning temperatures will likely be in the 20s with afternoon highs barely reaching the 40s Saturday and Sunday.

To protect your home, make sure to cover any exposed pipes, and bring your pets inside. Remember: If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them. And if you use space heaters, make sure to turn them off when you leave your home or aren’t in the room.