CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's that time of year: heating and cooling technicians are getting busier going around checking furnaces to make sure they're good to go for the cold weather seasons.

Micah Hyde with Acosta Heating and Cooling is used to staying ahead of the game.

"Normally about August is when we start checking furnaces and making sure they're good to go for the year," Hyde said.

He's back at it again today at a south Charlotte home. He does annual check-ups to make sure there's nothing that could be dangerous to homeowners.

"Furnaces and oil furnaces, anything with combustion, there's a chance they could have carbon monoxide poisoning and not even know it," Hyde said.

Financially, he says it depends on the furnace equipment and the home, but generally, getting an annual checkup is much cheaper than holding off and realizing something needs repaired.

"Take a look at the system and see how it's performing and a lot of times we can catch it before it is a problem," Hyde said.

There are remedies you can do at your home as well to be sure your furnaces are doing their jobs this winter.

"Thermostat's working properly," Hyde said. "And I like to make sure all the vents are open inside."