CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It’s beginning to look a lot like winter at the Charlotte Department of Transportation, where snow plows and salt dispensers are being put into test drive.

CDOT is preparing for storm season this week. Dozens of workers will be undergoing training, testing out the equipment and response routes.

This year, CDOT has replaced about one-third of its tandem fleet and outfitted them with a new control system. The controls will help CDOT target the exact amount of salt they put on the streets, and allows them to blast added amounts of salt with the push of a button.

Workers say that new level of precise control will be a critical addition to helping them keep the roads safe.

"We live in a rather unpredictable icy belt, sometimes hard to know exactly which way the weather is going to go," says CDOT spokesperson Linda Durrett. "I believe purchasing new equipment and the training methods we used this year are helping the City of Charlotte stay ahead."

CDOT expects to have a total of 200 employees working round the clock during major winter weather events.
Their fleet of trucks now totals 46.

The department has four response plans depending on the nature of the storm. The plans, which range from pre-treatment to stage three winter weather event, are being discussed and rehearsed this week.