CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Homeowners in Caldwell County begin to clean up debris after a suspected tornado on Sunday night ripped through neighborhoods in the Hudson area.

According to the county government, 93 homes were affected by the suspected tornado, including six destroyed and 11 sustaining major damage. No injuries were reported.

The county said just about every home along Mt. Herman Road sustained some form of damage.

Amy Gilbert lives along the road. She said the suspected tornado sounded like a roaring jet plane.

"It came by and it flew so fast," Gilbert said. "I just really didn't have a lot of time to think about it until it was all said and done."

Red Cross workers, including Jerri Jameson, spent much of the afternoon checking on homeowners to see if they need any food, water or supplies.

She said it's important to listen to homeowners affected by the severe weather.

"Sometimes, that's all they need," Jameson said. "It helps them heal."

Homes in Cedar Rock also sustained damage and Caldwell County Schools opened two hours late Monday.

The district's maintenance crews spent the morning removing downed trees and limbs from several school driveways, including Hudson Elementary School.