CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The homeless in York County have fought the cold in years past.

Reverend Ronal King has done his part to try and help them weather the storm.

"We got out to make sure that all of those that are living in the woods-- We still have 462 individuals living in the woods throughout the county. We wanted to make sure they were all right," King said.

In Rock Hill, a dog was found frozen to death outside.

Those of us fortunate enough to have heating systems in our homes need to make sure they continue to work properly. Eric Epps at MTB Mechanical says the back and forth temperatures we've had can cause several problems.

"When it's 19 degrees outside and you've got water trickling out of a drain pipe, there's a very high chance for that to freeze," Epps said. "When the water does freeze and it backs the water up into your pump, there's a safety that shuts your equipment down."

But, he says 95% of the calls they get are for issues caused by people falling behind on swapping out their air filters.

"So if you have poor air flow due to dirty filters I don't care if you're running heating or cooling, you're going to have problems," Epps said.

It's been tough on athletes, too. App State and N.C Central played a baseball game Tuesday night at BB&T Ballpark. Dan Rajkowski showed off the heating generators they put in the dugouts to try to make the weather a little more tolerable. He says the Charlotte Knights have dealt with their share of cold games, too.

"We travel and we're going up to Syracuse and Buffalo where we've seen snow in April," Rajkowski said. "So we adapt to it, but baseball's a little different when the ball comes off the bat it's a little different kind of feel when it's cold."