CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With the threat of rain ahead for snow, NCDOT is put in a tough position heading into this weekend.

"Our mindset is we're just going to go ahead and pre-treat now," said Jen Thompson. "And we are always getting updates from the National Weather Service so if we need to modify our plan-- it's a fluid situation."

Laying down brine won't do much good if it's washed away by rain. But Thompson's confident it'll have enough time to make an impact.

"We don't want to wait too close to when the actual event starts," Thompson said. "So if we can get started on it tomorrow and let it get in the pavement with the help of traffic and heat from vehicles, that's to our benefit."

Traveling in icy or snowing conditions has led to many crashes in our area in the past, some of which put Duke Energy to work.

"We do see outages because of vehicles coming in contact with power poles," said Meghan Miles. "So it's important that people use caution and slow down with these weather conditions that are forecast."

Miles says snow and ice have each provided challenges in recent years.

"There are lessons learned with every winter storm that we have," Miles said. "We know it's important to make sure customers are prepared and up to date."

That's why they've created a new way to keep people informed. If you're a customer and your power goes out, you can text "OUT" to 57801.

"That way they can communicate with us and they can get updates on the status of their outage, what time it's supposed to be restored and where crews are," Miles said.

SCDOT says they're also going to start their preparations Thursday. They spent Wednesday finalizing their plans with their engineers.