CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you didn't have your car in the garage Wednesday night, you may need to take a trip to an auto body shop.

"Noticed that we had hail damage all over the car," said Corey Patterson.

Patterson works at MAACO Auto Body Shop on North Tryon Street and says they've been scheduling appointments throughout the day. He says hail dents can be hard to spot, so on one truck, they circled each one.

"You kind of have to look at it in a diagonal, sideways kind of way to notice it," Patterson said. "The general spots are the top surface areas like your hood, your roof."

The mess left in Myers Park had crews chainsawing trees and clearing debris where they could. Many branches still sit torn from their trunks, like one along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

A church in Cherryville was damaged in Wednesday night's storm, and members were there in the morning trying to save archives from inside. Over in Dilworth, lightning struck a home, catching it on fire. In Steele Creek, a barn collapsed, killing livestock inside.

"The building was pretty much collapsed all the way around, so it looks like it was a high wind event," said a fire official on scene.

Patterson says when it comes to hail damage, it can be as small as a dime to create a dent.