HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - A stroll in Huntersville shows the toll from the storm that struck Wednesday evening.

"The trees came all the way, flat to the ground and then they bounced back up" recalled Chanda Pope. "You couldn't see anything."

Beatties Ford Road took the brunt of the beating with the street littered with leaves and sticks filling the sidewalks but a couple of blocks over...

"I look sunburnt and homeless," Pope said to NBC Charlotte reporter Evan West.

Pope and her family are picking up the pieces are a tree fell on the side of their home.

"It got my husband's car but no one was hurt," said Chanda, who could complain considering her house was the only on the block to catch a tree on the roof and on top of that, the family just finished a $100,000 renovation project.

"Yeah, it's first world problems," said Pope, who managed to find the humor in a frustrating situation.