RALEIGH, N.C. -- It only takes one.

That was the message given over, and over again from the National Hurricane Center and North Carolina Emergency Management during North Carolina's Stop on the Hurricane Awareness Tour held at RDU on Wednesday.

"We've seen below average years with major hurricanes and tropical storm impacts. It only takes one." said National Hurricane Center Director, Dr. Rick Knabb. "You really need to prepare the same way every year."

Also on hand was Governor Roy Cooper who, himself, stepped aboard the Hurricane Hunter Aircraft to get a look.
"What we're doing today can save lives." Cooper said.

North Carolina was impacted by Hurricane Matthew just seven months ago. Cooper said the storm caused an estimated $4.8 billion in damages, affecting 50 counties.

North Carolina Emergency Management officials advise every family to have an emergency plan, with an emergency kit full of supplies.

To learn more about what goes into an emergency kit visit: www.ready.gov.

Hurricane Season officially begins June 1.