CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- People getting ready to leave work or already at their homes were taking cover as the storms came through Wednesday night, and now, they're reflecting back on what it was like.

Video posted on Facebook inside a south Charlotte office building shows the broken glass and scattered debris. Evan Basalik was also in a building in the area around 5:30 Wednesday evening when he noticed the windows start to shake.

"This is different and weird," Basalik said. "At that point, just high-tailed it away from the windows because they're moving. It was really scary."

Surveillance video captured from another business in south Charlotte shows the heavy wind and rain pound the area. Basalik said the air pressure was something he didn't expect.

"You hear ears pop on planes and stuff, but you don't expect it on the ground," Basalik said.

Thursday, Basalik still has a strange pattern of scattered mud and dirt on his car, which was in the parking lot when the storm came.

"You can see on one side of my car-- on one side it's totally dirty with stuff blown on it, other side nothing, back nothing, front nothing," Basalik said. "It's just that one side."

After living through that experience, Basalik said now when he gets the alerts on his phone for severe weather, he's going to take it seriously.

"Pay attention to my phone next time, a little bit closer next time when it goes off," Basalik said. "When you get them you don't worry about it usually but I'll probably pay attention more in the future."