BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- Strong storms left behind a lot of damage in Burke County Sunday night.

Multiple homes in Connelly Springs were ripped off of their foundations.

"It's sad," said Michael Willis with Burke County Emergency Management. "We got a weather alert about 10 until 5 p.m. I think somewhere in that area that a significant storm with possible tornados could develop from that."

Officials say a likely tornado tore through a Connelly Springs neighborhood damaging five buildings, four of which were homes.

"Getting ready for church, but it fell on him before he could leave," said Roxane Davis.

"He said, 'Dad you know there's a tornado coming it's on me?'" said Rick Davis. "He asked, 'what do I do?' I said get in a low place and lay down. That's where he was when they found him [after] the roof fell on him."

Emergency crews got Rick and Roxane's son out of harm's way. Then rushed him to a local hospital.

"There's no words when your child is stuck and you don't know the extent of the damage to him or the home," said Rick. "It's just panic."

From panic to prayers, parts of Burke County are left in the dark as power companies rush to restore power.

Meantime, families are now forced out of their homes after a storm packing a powerful punch knocked them off their foundations.

"What has this been like watching and waiting?" asked NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

"I just feel helpless," said Roxane. "My mom and dad are going to have to start over if this house can't be saved."