CHERAW, S.C. -- The impacts of this weekend's storm are still being felt in our area as well. The last report from Chesterfield County's Emergency Management was that 2000 customers were without power.

The lights are off at Jessie Browns' house. It's been like that for three days now.

"I mean, it's rough," Browns said. "Just by, if you don't have a grill or some coals or something, you can't eat."

He lives in Cheraw, where trees are still down on houses, utility crews are still making repairs and county officials say 2000 customers like Browns still don't have power. He says it might not be restored until next weekend.

"I talked to a lady and she did tell me Sunday," Browns said.

At the Piggly Wiggly in Chesterfield, things are back to normal. But over the weekend, the only grocery store in town lost power. Kerry Gibson says they decided to improvise.

"We were handwriting everything, doing a manual calculator," Gibson said.

Even using flashlights, letting half a dozen customers in at a time to get what they needed, before letting another wave in.

"First time I've ever had to do anything of that nature," Gibson said.

Gibson says with customers counting on them for things like ice, bread and water, they did their best to deliver.

"We did what we could," Gibson said. "I'm just glad we could do that for everybody."

Chesterfield County Emergency Management says the number of power outages are decreasing by the hour.