CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Myers Park is known for its beautiful landscape, but the people who live here tell NBC Charlotte any time there's a major storm the beautiful trees come crashing down.

“It was really windy for a while, and then the power went off,” Mike Hodges said.

Hodges and his wife Kim have lived in the neighborhood for 40 years. While the storm was loud, they say it was nothing new. Hodges tells us they got their lanterns out, “read a book and went to bed."

Other people we talked to like Preston Cornett and Brian Weiers say they were shocked to see some streets untouched and others blocked by giant trees.

“We weren't expecting this when we came down the road," Cornett said. The two say they biked past at least four downed trees.

One uprooted onto a house on the corner of Queens Road W and Croydon Road and another hit two houses on Normandy Road. The homeowner tells NBC Charlotte the storm blew out the windows in one of the bedrooms where his nine-month old baby was sleeping. Thankfully there were no reports of any injuries in the state, but clean-up crews certainly have their hands full.

It’s the same story for Duke Energy crews. This morning there were 2,500+ outages, however, that number continues to drop as the day goes on.