CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Trees fell on at least two homes with people inside in west Charlotte after Sunday night’s storms.

One homeowner on Crossridge Road was understandably shaken after a tree crashed through the kitchen of his home.

"It's very shocking," said Shaniqua Berry, whose mom was inside the house when the tree fell. Her mother escaped with no injuries.

In addition to the house, this huge tree fell on an astonishing five cars in the driveway.

"We had no indication that trees were going to fall," said Berry. "It's very surprising that a tree would do all that damage so quick."

"We had no indication that the trees were gonna fall," Shaniqua Berry said. "It's very surprising that a tree would do all that damage so quick."

The storms also took out traffic lights and soaked the roads for the start of the week's commute, playing a part in an incident on Shopton Road near Pleasant Way Lane where a car crashed into a power pole.

In North Charlotte, Research Drive was completely blocked by a large tree. All the damage caused concern for local residents.

"I have some 70-foot trees in my backyard and it's the crossover between the natural beauty and the risk to your home," said Mike Manson.

With a forecast of more rain on the way, there's the potential for more big trees to fall as the ground is already so saturated.