CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A wave of strong thunderstorms dumped heavy rain on the Carolinas Monday. 

They got an early heads-up in Chester County that storms were coming Monday afternoon and evening. 

“We got a notification from the national weather center they wanted to have a  conference call so that kind of told us something was up,” said Emergency Management director Eddie Murphy. 

Schools dismissed early for the storms. 

“They made a good decision because everybody saw what was going on.”

Here’s what was going on — part of the roof torn from the First Citizens Bank on Church street — enough that water rained into the building. Power lines downed for blocks and another roof ripped away, this time at Scott's — a soil plant a few miles away.

“They had the whole roof of the building peeled off of it.”

Not too far away in Union County, S.C., a man inside a mobile home died when a suspected tornado touched down. 

Chester’s emergency management director is grateful no one was hurt here, and for the spectacular sunset that followed the storm

“And to be calm as it is right now.”

The emergency management director says he's convinced it was strong winds, not a tornado and he doesn't plan to call the National Weather Service.