CHARLESTON, S.C. – More than 60 shelters have been opened in South Carolina for those in evacuation zones with thousands of volunteers being deployed to the state to help those seeking shelter.

One of the women at a shelter has since gone viral.

Denisha Garrett is nine months pregnant; her due date was October 2. She’s currently at a shelter a few miles inland in North Charleston and has actually experienced contractions while waiting out the storm.

Garrett has been sleeping on an air mattress in the hallway of an elementary school that’s turned into a shelter with her two young children. And her newborn son could be here any minute.

“I’m very nervous because I’m like, ‘what if the water comes? What if I can’t make it to the hospital, what are we gonna do?’” Garrett said. “But I know they’re going to take care of me if I do.”

Hospital officials won’t induce her into labor yet, so she’s still waiting at the shelter, praying she doesn’t go into labor once the hurricane blows into Charleston.

Garrett says if her baby is born Friday, she’s going to name him Matthew.