CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Downed trees have become a common sight in the Charlotte area lately — and that was the case again on Monday.

Neighbors who live on Wentworth Place in south Charlotte say a huge water oak fell on a house and a car just before noon on Sunday.

Thankfully, the homeowners were not at home at the time and there are no reported injuries.

On Monday, the cleanup continued.

“We know there was a pocket of decay at the base of the tree,” says Eric Schmidhausler with Barlett Tree Experts.

But he says that’s not necessarily the reason why the tree fell.

"It could be the size of the tree, whether it was balanced, did the ground soften up (due to) excessive rains that we've had, we've had high winds,” says Schmidhausler. “So, just because there's a spot of decay doesn't always necessarily mean that the tree is going to fail or is imminent for failure.”

With more rain on the way this week, tree experts say there is something homeowners can do: Have their trees inspected by certified arborists.

"Not every tree has to be removed. Trees can be thinned, weight reduction, there's so many different approaches to saving the tree," Schmidhausler said. "We have a declining canopy in Charlotte. But it doesn't mean that every tree has to be taken down just because there's a problem with it."

Schmidhausler says it’ll take crews at least two days to get the tree off the house and car.