CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The massive winter storm that’s been wreaking havoc along the East Coast has disrupted travel plans nationwide, including Charlotte.

Over 5,500 flights nationwide have been canceled by the storm, with 163 flights at Charlotte Douglas being affected. It’s no surprise that the majority of those flights were scheduled for cities along the East Coast.

“We had to pay a lot extra, but we’re going,” said one passenger, who is finally headed to sand and sunshine in the Dominican Republic with her husband.

Their original flight to Newark, N.J. was canceled Monday due to the storm. Over 6,000 flights have been canceled this week due to winter storm Stella, affecting over 350,000 passengers.

“Originally, I’m from New York, so I already know a lot about these snowstorms,” she said.

American Airlines canceled all flights to New York’s JFK and Laguardia. Flights from Charlotte to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia were also canceled. Passengers headed south are certainly thankful they’re not in the midst of the chaos.

“I’m already nervous flying, so at least I don’t have to go where a lot of people are probably stuck because of the snow.”