Korean barbeque pizza

Korean barbeque pizza


by Charlotte Today


Posted on November 14, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 14 at 2:25 PM

Korean BBQ Pizza


    1 Ribeye
    1/2 Onion
    6-8 Mushrooms (any variety)
    1 Bell Pepper
    2 pieces of Naan (Pizza dough or any Flat-bread works as well)
    2 c shredded Mozzarella (any nicely melting Cheese would work)
    Bulgogi Marinade (Recipe Follows)
    Gochujang Sauce (Recipe Follows)
    For the Bulgogi Marinade:
    1/4 c Soy Sauce
    1 tb Agave/Coconut Nectar/Honey/Rice Syrup
    2 tb grated Asian Pear or Fuji Apple
    1/2 ts Ginger
    2 ts Garlic
    2 ts Sesame Seed
    1 tb Sesame Oil
    For the Gochujang (Hot Pepper Paste) Sauce
    1/4 c Hot Pepper Paste (or Roasted Red Peppers/Tomatoes)
    1/2 tb Agave/Coconut Nectar/Honey/Rice Syrup
    2 ts Sesame Oil
    2-3 tb Water (enough to thin out your Sauce to a spreadable consistency)
    1 head of Roasted Garlic


    Pepper your Steak and pop it into your freezer for it to firm up enough to cut into thin slices (20 min or so)...add your slices to your Marinade (the longer it sits the better min: 30 min up to 2 days) *Grilling outdoors makes this superb!!!
    Cut the top off of your whole head of Garlic, wrap it in a sheet of foil after liberally dousing with Olive Oil, S + P. Mine took about 35-45 min but check on it after the 30 min mark and see if it's satisfactory to you. Blitz to mix.
    To assemble, smear your sauce on your Flat-Bread, drape your toppings and sprinkle with Cheese. The Naan takes literally less than 5 min so bake at 350 until your Cheese gets nice and gooey.