5 days of healthy lunches to pack for your children

5 days of healthy lunches to pack for your children


by Brooke Thomas


Posted on August 29, 2011 at 8:40 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 30 at 9:12 AM

Our kids are going back to school!  This is an exciting time for them, but also emotional for us moms.  I find it is so special to send them nutritious and thoughtful meals in their lunch boxes.  This reminds them of your love for them as well as keeps their bodies full of goodness for their immunity and focus!

We came up with 5 ideas for you as you embark on this challenge.  Please let this be an inspiration to you for many more themed meals!  Don't get stuck in the PB&J rut! Your kids deserve better, and you'll feel so great knowing they are getting a variety of nutrients!

Day 1:

"Meatless Monday" lunchbox/Dip-it lunchbox

Veggies with hummus dip

Fruits with yogurt dip

Whole wheat crackers

Apple with core cut out and celery wtih almond butter inside

Day 2:

I love you! lunchbox

Heart Shaped Sandwich (fill with turkey, cheese and raspberry preserves)

Strawberries cut in half to look like hearts, yogurt dip

Protein Bars in heart shape

Sweet note


Day 3

Rock-n-Roll lunchbox

Turkey rolls with cheese stick inside and cute toothpick

Grapes & Blueberries

Brownie balls (gluten free & made with black beans)


Day 4

You're a Star! lunchbox

Small sandwiches filled with almond butter & honey in the shape of stars

Star shaped fruit salad

Star shaped cheese


Day 5:

"Sushi"-Style lunchbox

Small whole wheat wraps with turkey, cucumber & carrot

Pear cored with a cheese stick inside


Chop Sticks