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Sonja Gantt | An inspiring example

by wcnc


Posted on November 2, 2009 at 6:12 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 1 at 6:12 PM

Sonja Gantt

NewsChannel 36 Anchor

Editor's note: Sonja Gantt blogs each week for The Charlotte Observer's mommy site, MomsCharlotte.com.

I'm fortunate. I work with some really wonderful people who have become close friends. One of the closest is Ann Sheridan. I love Ann because of how passionate and positive she is about life. She's the one in the office who can always figure out a way to get the story done. Ann throws her all into everything she does and trust me when I say she does a lot.

She's a mom to 10-year-old twins and a 13-year-old. She stays busy at her children's schools, with swim meets, church, work and I'm sure other groups I know nothing about. She's the one who's always willing to volunteer and the one with the great ideas. And what's more amazing about her is how thoughtful she is. Many of us have been the recipient of Ann's random acts of kindness. So you can understand why so many of us were so saddened by her most recent struggle. Ann's fighting breast cancer.

The diagnosis came last year around the holidays. She's tackled it in the only way I guess Ann can do things... with passion and hard work. She read all she could about the disease, talked with cancer survivors and now she's courageously sharing her experience with the hope it might be able to help someone else. That's just like Ann... always giving.

Soon after she received the news she started allowing our cameras to follow her. In her reports airing this Tuesday you will see Ann not only at her doctor's office but also at home with her family. It was compelling to hear from her children and her husband Steve about how they felt when Ann was diagnosed. Cancer is a diagnosis that impacts more than just the patient.

I appreciate the honesty with which Ann has faced this disease. She never tried to hide her fear with her friends but I, at least, never heard her say "why me?" In a recent Charlotte Observer article Ann talked about how often as a reporter she's asked others for interviews during their toughest moments. I'm so glad she's got the courage to turn the camera on herself during one of her most difficult times. Thanks, Ann. I am inspired by your example.