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Blog | The best fit of Ira Cronin's life

Blog | The best fit of Ira Cronin's life

by IRA CRONIN / NewsChannel 36
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Posted on April 11, 2010 at 11:08 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 12 at 9:23 AM

After putting together my story with Angela Klick from TrySports about the basics of triathlon I wanted to talk more about the points she touched on when it comes to properly fitting shoes. It’s a sad fact of life in TV news story telling that many times a ton of great information gets left on the cutting room floor.

Proper shoe fitting is how I first found my way into TrySports last year when I was facing foot surgery for a neuroma in my left foot. I touched on this in my first triathlon training blog when I explained that my foot injury was the whole reason I found my way into this craze in the first place.

I always use to buy shoes based on a loyalty to a specific brand. I use to find what looked good and what I could find on sale at the outlet. When I got serious about running and getting in better shape, time spent on the treadmill in my favorite brand of very popular athletic shoe was about the worst thing for my foot. It cramped up the bones that lead to my toes and pinched a nerve. It was only a mild pain at first and I thought it would go away. Continued running in those shoes actually lead to more pain and by the time I went to the doctor it was so bad I couldn’t run anymore.

Getting fit for shoes at TrySports is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. When I went in and explained the kind of pain I was experiencing they offered me solutions to get my foot better. Once my foot was better, they put me through their fitting process. They examined my feet on a thermal board to see how my arches and toes were situated. Then they had me jog on a treadmill that they video tape and plug into a computer. Then they broke down my gate, the angle of my legs and how it all begins with the foundation of the body, the foot. This all lead me to 3 different shoes to choose from that were right for me, and I could then choose which ones I liked best based on feel and looks. As Angela said in my story on TV, at TrySports they worry more about how thing feel, than how they look.

As I’m looking to take my triathlon experience next level, the folks at TrySports have also shown me first hand that their in-depth fitting process doesn’t just apply to shoes. It also applies to bikes. Coming up next weekend on Newschannel 36 my next video feature will show the process of fitting me on a bike that I have borrowed from a friend for the race. I have to say it’s a lot more in depth than the shoe fitting process but after getting fit for the bike I can feel a big difference when I ride. In the end the adjustments that Rob Morgan made were small, but made riding feel like a whole new experience. My muscles didn’t ache in my lower back and I had a lot less numbness in my arms once I got about 45 minutes into my ride.

Proper fitting has made all the difference for my shoes and my bike. They have already pulled off the miracle of getting me running again, and I’m confident with their help I’m going to improve my performance on the bike with the simple and small adjustments Rob made in my fitting.

Stay tuned, I’m ramping up training this week and will be blogging about it!!