Build a backpack health kit


by Kerr Drug News Release

Kerr Drug News Release

Posted on August 5, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 2 at 11:22 AM

Once the school year starts, your kids will be more prone to illness than they were during the summer.

Kerr Drug advises parents to send your children back to classroom with a Back-to-School Backpack Health Kit to reduce their risk of becoming ill or spreading germs.

1. Hand sanitizing gel
2. Travel size pack of tissues
3. Small container of disposable, antiseptic wipes.
4. Reusable water bottle.
5. Lip balm
6. Comb or hair brush so your children don’t have to share
7. Emergency contact information, allergy information, as a backup to the contacts in the school office.

This kit can be assembled for less than $10.