Tarheel native, Voice finalist trying to 'kickstart' career

Tarheel native, Voice finalist trying to 'kickstart' career



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Posted on February 21, 2014 at 6:56 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 21 at 8:54 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Think you know everything about the hit show “The Voice?” Think again!

Contestants forced to take a psych test? And which of the show's celebs is the nicest?

NBC Charlotte got exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop from Tarheel native and top ten finalist Kat Robichaud, and found out what she’s up to now.

She was the high-kicking, high drama glam rocker from North Carolina.

Robichaud was saved once by her coach Ceelo, then again in the show's first ever instant Twitter save.

During an interview at her aunt’s Myers Park home she told us, “It was incredible because growing up I never got picked for anything. I was always the last person to get picked for dodge ball or whatever.”

That doesn't seem to be a problem anymore.

“I didn’t have a Twitter account and now I have over 30,000 followers. Yeah, it’s really cool.”

She makes it interesting, sharing personal videos from behind the scenes of the show.

The 30-year-old Concord native still keeps in touch with the other contestants and says sharing the stage with them helped her find her voice.

“Just performing, there was nothing else like it,” she said. “Many people that worked on this show that made magic night after night.”

We got her to spill on how they make the magic. The stuff you won't hear about anywhere else.

“They have you take a psych test before you even make it to the blinds because they want to make sure that you are somewhat mentally stable, that you're going to be able to handle the pressure.”

Then we really put the pressure on, forcing Kat to give up the goods on all the coaches. We started with her own -- Ceelo.

“He cusses a lot, just kind of tells it like it is.”

She says he told her about leaving the show and says it was an amicable split. Kat says she’s looking forward to what he does next.

What did she think about the sexiest man alive, Adam Levine?

“A lot of people asked me what I thought about that and I thought, ‘Well, he’s not really my type. He’s a really nice guy. Good for him. He’s really fun to be around, and his soon to be wife is a sweetheart, as well.”

She says Blake is warm and friendly, and Christina looks better without so much makeup.

Mom Sandra got a kick out of seeing the celebs, but loved seeing her daughter on stage even more.

“It’s just been really exciting, just seeing her so happy. It’s probably been the most exciting thing that’s ever happened,” she says.

Kat has hired a new manager and is hard at work on a new album.

“What a lot of people don’t realize, just because I was on the show doesn't mean that I've made it. They don't realize that I'm not rolling in cash right now, far from it,” she says.

So she's once again turning to her fans for help, launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to kick off her new album.

She's clearly focused on the future, but trying desperately to hang on to the recent past.

“I remember in this moment and I said, ‘Please don’t forget what this feels like. Please don’t forget.’ Because this is so wonderful, but so fleeting that you have to tell yourself this was an amazing experience, don’t forget it!”

Kat has already surpassed her initial goal of $20,000 but is continuing to raise money to help make her album.

If you’d like more information on her Kickstarter campaign, check it out here.