Open faced beef sandwiches

Guest is Becky Justice


Open-faced Beef Sandwich with loaded potatoes sprinkled with bacon 



1-5 lb. beef eye round 


Heavy cream 

Onion Salt 

Salt/pepper(always pepper beef generously:)  

Texas Toast


Sharp shredded cheddar cheese 

2 blocks of Cream cheese 

1-Package of bacon (pick your size and use as generously as you want:) 

2- 8 oz. cans of string green beans 

1- small white onion 




Put thawed Eye round roast in the crockpot

Add water halfway up the roast 

Cover the top generously with salt/pepper/onion salt /Worcestershire (could even use an onion soup packet) 

Cook on low for 6-7 hours 


And add more Worcestershire throughout the 6-7 hours. Goal is to use an entire 10 oz. bottle on the roast 


After roast is cooked: add a little heavy cream to drippings to make thicker and pull beef apart into big man chunks of beef (it should be falling apart...continue cooking if not) 



Mashed potatoes: 

5 lb. bag of white potatoes 

2- blocks of cream cheese 

1 1/2- stick of butter 



Cut and Boil Potatoes in salt and half stick of butter 


Drain and add above and blend with hand mixer...**add another block of cream cheese if not creamy enough**


Bacon: Cut up in small pieces the package and  then crisp up in a skillet 


In a small sauce pan: 

Add the two cans of green beans with half of a white onion chopped/a  heaping Tablespoon of beef base/ salt/pepper 


Bring to a boil while stirring and then shut off. 


Put Texas toast in oven (one slice for every serving) with butter on top to toast up


Once all is cooked....THEN


We start the plate stacking: 

Toast on the bottom


Then add a generous portion of meat and gravy 


Mashed potatoes on top of that 


Then shredded sharp cheddar 


Then a small portion of the string green beans


THEN sprinkle the whole plate in bacon crumbles 


Man food. 


Not much measuring for this dish.  Beef needs to be overly seasoned when cooking. Always! It's so hard to get it right after cooking. ...You must be generous before and during cooking. :) 


I hope you, and the men in your life, enjoy this recipe :) 


So, so easy! Crazy easy! 


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