Savory Bread Pudding

It's a great holiday recipe

Savory Bread Pudding with Sage and Sausage

(Yield:  12 portions)   




4 each                             eggs

1 cup                              sour cream

3 ¾ cups                         whole milk

1 ½ cups/1 cup              grated white cheddar* (2 ½ cups all day)

1 ½ cups                        caramelized julienned onions

(about 5 medium onions)

9 cups                            1-inch cubed dry white French bread, crusts on

½ cup                                       scallions, sliced (about 1 bunch)

½ Tbsp.                          sherry vinegar

¾ pound                        Neese’s sage sausage, cooked & drained


1 Tbsp.                          fresh sage, chopped*

                                      salt and pepper, to taste

          * 1 ½ c in the pudding, plus more grated white cheddar, for topping


Method of Preparation:



Mix well eggs, sour cream, milk and sherry vinegar.  Add the cubed bread and allow to stand for at least 45 minutes.  Other ingredients (cheese, onions, scallions, sausage, herbs, salt and pepper) may be added now once they are cooled. 


Preheat convection oven to 350˚.  Ladle bread pudding mixture into greased muffin tray or individual baking ramekins.  You may choose to use paper baking cups for ease of removal.  Bake covered with foil in a water bath for 40 minutes.  Uncover after 40 minutes and cook until browned on top.  Then sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese and bake for 5 more minutes.



*  For different preparations, other cheeses (ie:  parmesan, gruyere) or other cooked pork products (ie:  tasso, country ham, other sausage) or herbs may be substituted.

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