Dog who went missing on vacation reunited with NC couple

After two weeks missing near Holden Beach, a Taylorsville family felt they were reunited with their "Macy" by 'God's Grace'

TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. - A couple has been reunited with their 5-year-old dog who had gone missing while the family was vacationing two weeks ago on the North Carolina coast.

Kim and Nick Bazzle were visiting family near Holden Beach over the Fourth of July holiday weekend when their dog, "Macy," pushed through a fence at the house and got out on the first day of vacation.

The heartbroken family posted desperately on social media, hoping someone would find Macy and bring her back to them before they had to leave.

However, despite many feet on the ground searching, along with help from an animal search groups as far reaching as New Jersey, the couple had to return home to their home in Taylorsville without their missing pup.

They were distraught, and felt horrible having to leave. They knew one of them would have to come back.



The search continued while the sentiments spread through social media in hopes of finding Macy. 15 days after she initially went missing, Macy was found on July 9.

Nick noticed her "familiar collar jingle" after coming across a group of wondering dogs close to where she had gone missing near Holden Beach.

She was in need of medical attention due to hunger and ticks, and was quickly taken to a vet in Wilmington.

He immediately fell to his hands and knees and began to call her name and she recognized his voice so she started leaping over dunes and ran until she got close enough to pass her sniff test," said a Facebook update posted by Kim on Monday.

"Once he met her approval she attacked him with big sloppy kisses, as if to say 'Thank You Daddy.'"



The post concludes, "After a 5 hour drive home Macy and Nicky arrived home in Taylorsville around 12:30 a.m. this morning. Both Marley and I were so excited to have both her and Nicky back home. Marley was beside herself but also quickly realized there was something not exactly right with her sister."

Macy is still readjusting and doing a lot of resting after an exhausting two weeks away from home.

Kim contacted NBC Charlotte's Sarah French to relay the following message of thanks and happiness;

"We are blessed beyond measure to have Macy home and Marley is back to her normal self. She's being very attentive and protective of her sister that's for sure. Macy will not let us out of her sight. If her daddy steps outside she cries until he comes back in. She's being such a daddies girl!! Hopefully with a lot of TLC, which she gets plenty of, she will improve both physically and mentally fairly quickly. We are very thankful for all the love, support and prayers. Hug your fur babies and give them the same love in return that they give you and be sure to thank God daily for the special blessing they are in your life. We certainly do!"

Now the Bazzles can rest a little easier, alongside their adorable dogs back in their Taylorsville home where they belong.

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