Charlotte Today Koi Cam

WaterScape Pro

The Charlotte Today Koi camera resides inside the WaterScapes Garden Koi pond where you can take an exclusive look into the world of the beautiful Japanese Koi as they swim in the only outdoor television watergarden studio in the Carolinas!

The Koi hobby today boasts over 100 amazing color varieties. Every Koi is unique, and the patterns that are seen on a specific Koi can never be exactly repeated. Koi are bred all over the world, and are considered the most popular freshwater ornamental pond fish. Be sure to check back often to see the WaterScapes Koi camera as these exotic fish live their lives in this beautiful water ecosystem.


The WaterScapes Garden and Koi Pond was designed with sustainability in mind. We wanted to show Charlotte Today our own outdoor living space that is "Eco" friendly and utilizes a rainwater harvesting system that captures rainwater and holds it to use at later dates!

WaterScape Pro
WaterScape Pro

The 20 by 30 foot garden area includes tropical plants and native trees and bushes that frame the 36 gallon Koi pond. The WaterScapes Garden captured by an underground holding tank. The water can then be accessed by a hidden pump and connected to a water hose for use in watering the landscaping or fed directly into the pond!

There is one more hidden sustainability feature of this pond. Just below the ground, right next to the pond, is the Negative Edge Skimmer, an underground water storage tank and filtering system that cleans and recycles the water back into the pond.