Charlotte woman helps moms go back to college

Charlotte woman helps moms go back to college



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Posted on April 3, 2013 at 5:34 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 15 at 1:38 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Charlotte woman is making sure other women get a second chance. She created a scholarship for moms, and helped one woman completely turn her life around.
They are pages of a scrapbook. Carrie Johnson-Walters does a page a year for each of her daughters.

Johnson-Walters is a teen mom, and it hasn't been an easy road.

“I had to roll pennies and go to the grocery store and say, ‘I’ve got two kids; I need bologna, bread, milk,’” she remembers.

Now a student at Charlotte Law School, the 33-year-old says she had a lot of help turning things around.

“It’s not just money; they’re creating people that are gonna live in their community and societies,” says Susan Anderson.

Anderson, a mother of two, created the "ANSWER" scholarship fund. She grants scholarships to Charlotte moms looking for a second chance.

Anderson helped pay for Carrie to finish undergrad at UNCC.

“You educate a mom and you help change the destiny of the children,” Anderson said.

Johnson-Walter’s oldest daughter Alexis says watching her mom juggle family life and law school has had a huge impact.

“Very proud-- she’s my hero. She showed me just because she has two kids that doesn’t put her behind; she still did it,” the teen said.

“It makes me want to work harder in school so I know that I can reach my goals also ‘cause she did it,” the teen expressed.

Johnson-Walters says, “It means a lot-- they're my babies, my life; I would do anything.”

And thanks to another Charlotte mom, she is hoping to add another page to the scrapbook when she graduates law school.

ANSWER has helped 25 different women with scholarships since 2005.

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