Local ROTC students to compete on national level

Local ROTC students to compete on national level


by ANN SHERIDAN / NBC Charlotte Staff

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Posted on March 14, 2013 at 9:12 AM

Updated Thursday, Mar 14 at 9:51 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- They set a goal.  A lofty one.  To be the best in the nation.

And now a group of four Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school students is about to see if they can make their dream come true.

We've seen the images. Cadets. Committed.  Disciplined. Structured.

But four cadets from Phillip O. Berry are hoping to distinguish themselves on a national level.  They are part of the 4,100 CMS students enrolled in Jr. ROTC.

“I'm the math expert in the group,” said Cadet Elliott Jackson.

Kalen Doleman, Linda Luu and Spencer Heath round out the group of four.

Together, they are now part of  CMS history,  as cadets who will compete nationally in Washington, D.C.,  as an academic team.

“For me it means success in achieving something no one else in CMS  could achieve.  The fact that I have my team with me will be something really special,” said Spencer Heath.

The students will spend three days doing math, history, english and science.

"She was like get ready, you're about to go to D.C.,” said Linda Luu when she remembered first telling her mother about her opportunity.

Luu’s parents are Vietnamese immigrants.  She'll be the first from her family to go to our nation's capital.

“I'm hoping we can win so we can make them proud,” said Luu.

“To win it will take a lot of teamwork  It'll take a lot of focus,” said Kalen Doleman.

“I  feel blessed to have kids in this position,” said their instructor, Major Roland Beasley.
The Major has  trained them in academics, but  made an impression in life.

“If we get a few wrong, we still have to boost each other’s spirits and say,  you know what, we got one wrong, but we'll get more right,” said Elliot Jackson.

The students will make the trip in June.