Receding flood waters leave many unwanted guests

Credit: NBC Charlotte

Receding flood waters leave many unwanted guests


by TONY BURBECK / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on May 9, 2013 at 5:28 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 9 at 8:41 PM

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. -- Snakes falling from trees and slithering through yards are just one more thing neighbors along Riverside Drive are dealing with in the wake of this week’s flooding.

Debbie Barefoot took a picture of a big snake that climbed up a tree in her yard, apparently to get out of fast moving water.

Barefoot and her husband say they’ve watched and heard several snakes fall from trees as they try to get back into the water.

Some are shot and killed on site.

Tommy Daniel killed a snake about a week ago, similar to the kind other neighbors are seeing in trees and slithering through yards and standing water.

"Probably to try to find some still water to relax in since the river had been running so rigid,” said Daniel.

Flood victim David Bragg got an unexpected surprise while clearing out the bottom of his house.

"I was pulling out a piece of sheet rock and a snake came out with the sheet rock. It was a lot of fun,” Bragg said sarcastically.  “We both screamed like little girls.  My girlfriend ran about three miles, I haven't seen her since."

Bragg says the snake was about three feet long.  "It was startling."

Snakes aren't all that have popped up.

"We've seen some muskrats,” Bragg added.

Another neighbor says carp and turtles were so close to his door that his son could reach out and pet them.

Daniel says Riverside Drive turning into Critterville is just part of living next to the water after a flood.

"That's a nice sized snake,” Daniel said after we showed him Barefoot’s picture. "I've been bit by them, they don't hurt. I've been raised around snakes all my life. No big deal.”

"Snakes falling from the skies? That's not something that we thought would be a cause of this, for sure, one of another unexpected phenomenon of this flood,” Bragg said.