From a teenager on Musicly, to a teacher with a cool handshake on Facebook, or one well crafted tweet, Social media has a way of turning regular people into overnight stars.

For most people, the fans fade as quickly as they appear but some Charlotte residents are showing their star power with a loyal legion of fans that are translating to big opportunities.

And we're not just talking about Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton.

The Ibach Sisters

Reagan and Madison Ibach are two of Charlotte's youngest social media stars. The two teens combine to have over 400,000 Instagram followers, just from taking pictures of themselves, and their equine costars.

"We've always really loved photography and videography, as well as horses of course," Madison said.

NBC Charlotte's Sarah French wanted to know more about the process. "So, how many pictures do you take before you choose one to post?" she asked.

"I would say each photo shoot I get about five to 10 photos out of maybe 300, 350," 16-year-old Reagan replied.

The sisters receive fan mail from across the globe, including Japan and Australia, and they save them all.

Now, they even have their own clothing and accessory line in what has become a full-time job for the young girls.

"Raegan and I recently teamed up with US equestrian as their social media ambassadors," added Madison.

They have donated thousands of dollars of their proceeds to charity.

"I would say don't be in it for the followers because at the end of the day you're in it for the fun of it, you're in it for the experience," she added.

You can check out the Ibach sisters' brand here.

Food Babe Vani Hari

Next in the Charlotte social elite: Vani Hari has over a million fans on Facebook, but that hasn't kept detractors online from balking at her mission to investigate what's really in our food.

She mentioned, "At first I did take a lot of it personal. It's taking a lot of spiritual growth to get to where I am today and that thick skin that I have today." Adding, "The key to success on social media is be yourself."

Now, with the newest activist added to the Food Babe household, a very personal new mission is added too.

Hari joked, "There will be a slew of new investigations into baby food."

You can follow Food Babe's latest blog posts and stories on Facebook here.

Laura 'Chicken Tuna' Gordon

Almost 500,000 people follow Laura on Instagram because of the pictures she posts of her nearly 50-year-old body.

"I posted a picture of my abs and I really didn't think anything of it and people went nuts over them," she said.

But after focusing more on social media than her workouts, Gordon decided to take a long break before starting a new mission.

"I want to be an example of long-term fitness. I started when I was 23 and at 49, I'm not stopping."

You can see the fitness guru's provocative photos on her Instagram here.

Greg Baskewell's Puppygram Star

Of course, what would Instagram be without cute pets?

But for Greg Baskwell, his videos of his adopted pup, Finley, got so popular, he started working with licensing companies.

"I've had some clips make $200 for a 30 second clip and I've had some make a couple thousand for being an ad on an app," said Baskwell.

Despite being a swim coach year round, he still edits all of his videos on his cell phone.

"That's like the social media world.. we only see the good.. people only post the good things on social media"

You can follow Greg's Instagram profile here, and you can follow Finley's own Instagram here.