Brave fireman saves 2-year-old from house fire

Back of the Shelby home where a 2-year-old boy, found unresponsive, was pulled from the flames by a brave fireman.


by AMY COWMAN / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on November 21, 2013 at 6:22 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 22 at 12:39 AM

SHELBY, N.C. -- A Shelby boy is alive, thanks to the fast response of some dedicated firefighters.

Fire crews responded to a home on North Morgan Street around 9 Wednesday night.

"We really only had a matter of seconds before we could have had a different outcome to this fire," said firefighter Erik Allen.

It's why these Shelby firefighters say they chose this job, and Wednesday night, doing their job saved a child's life.

"This is what we train for, spend our lives training for this one moment, and everything came into place for us at the right time," said Captain David VanHoy of the Shelby Fire Dept.

When Shelby firefighters were called to the house on Morgan Street in, they knew a 2-year-old boy was trapped inside. The house was fully engulfed, with smoke blocking all visibility. But there was no hesitation putting their lives at risk and going in.

"When you hear there's a possible victim that’s savable in a house, you are much more aggressive," explained Captain VanHoy.

Firefighter Erik Allen made it to the back left room of the house, as the fire quickly spreading into the room. Allen spotted the boy lying unconscious on the floor; he scooped him up and ran out to the awaiting paramedics.

"Sheer relief-- I think there were a ton of emotions going on. It was just a matter of relief. I knew I could put my hand on the child-- that he was there, I could see him," said Allen.

A moment Allen says he thanks God he was there for not a moment too late.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Amazingly, the boy is reportedly recovering well at CMC after being treated for smoke inhalation