Imaginon preps for 'Daily Show' during DNC

Imaginon preps for 'Daily Show' during DNC


by ANJANETTE FLOWERS / NewsChannel 36 Staff

Posted on August 6, 2012 at 5:16 PM

Updated Monday, Aug 6 at 5:45 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- This week, the McColl Family Theatre at Imaginon in uptown Charlotte is home to summer campers.

In a few weeks, it’ll be home to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during the Democratic National Convention.

"The main thing is that they're taking over our entire building.  They have a staff of 125 people that are coming in,” said Andrew Gibbon, Technical Director for The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.

"Our rehearsal spaces they're using for office space and then some of our other storage rooms, places like that, they're going to use for equipment and editing rooms,” he added.

The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte (CTC) is behind the plays at McColl.

They’ve had to start getting ready now for their season opener in the fall.

"We're getting an early start on our fall show 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' because ‘The Daily Show’ being in here is going to put us a little bit behind."

As for the theatre itself, it will undergo quite a transformation and Gibbon will be there for all of it.

"We're pulling up the floor in here and we're going to put down a different type of flooring,” he said.

"It's a shinier, glossier floor that allows the cameras to ride across it easily,” added Gibbon.

"We're going to remove a couple of rows of seats out, for their lighting people and sound people to set up,” he said.

It will no doubt be a busy time.

About 16 stage hands have to also be hired.

There will be tapings for “The Daily Show” every day.

"It's very exciting, a little bit different than what we normally do,” said Gibbon.
Imaginon will be closed from September 2nd through the 8th.

The Daily Show folks are expected to arrive the week before the Democratic National Convention.