McCrory tours flooded areas of Catawba, Lincoln counties

McCrory tours flooded areas of Catawba, Lincoln counties



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Posted on July 31, 2013 at 12:34 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 31 at 5:00 AM

LINCOLNTON -- Governor Pat McCrory toured flood raged parts of Catawba and Lincoln counties Tuesday afternoon viewing the damage from last weekend's downpours.

In Catawba County, he stopped at the Beam Lumber Road Bridge that was heavily damaged.

He went on to see several other areas in similar bad shape.

McCrory said it was too early to say if the areas qualify for disaster assistance.

"Right now whether certain areas qualify for emergency disaster, we're still adding it up and we've got to do that proper paperwork, analysis and assessment," he said.

Some of the worst damage in Lincolnton was at the Betty Ross Park where the city's only public pool will be closed the rest of the summer.

The water in the pool is now murky brown after it was flooded Saturday when up to nine feet of water spilled over the park.

Pavement buckled, the infields of the baseball diamonds were washed away and water even poured onto the basketball court in the park recreation center.

At this point it is too early to estimate the cost of the damage or even determine when the park might be able to reopen.

The City Recreation Director, Richard Haynes said, "We don't know. We'll know when we get some people in here to look at the pavement and the infield and the fence."

Agriculture also took a big hit.

Corn and soy beans are rotting in some fields and in others the ground is too saturated to bring in heavy equipment to harvest crops.

Jack Cook who grows corn and beans, said he had to come out during the rain to try to save his beans.

"I had to roll my britches to my knees and I was mired up over my ankles just to pick the beans," Cook said.

After seeing the damage and talking to flood victims, McCrory said, "We've got home damage, we've got road damage, we've got crop damage.  Patterns of rain people have never seen in their lifetime."