Post-winter storm potholes a problem

Post-winter storm potholes a problem


by TONY BURBECK / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on February 17, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Updated Thursday, Feb 20 at 7:07 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Post-winter storm potholes are causing bumpy rides, tearing-up tires and hitting drivers in the pocketbook.

Crews patched a nasty stretch of potholes on I-485 inbound in Pineville Monday afternoon. More than 100,000 cars drive that stretch every day.

But there are plenty of other roads with a lot less traffic seeing pothole problems made worse by last week's weather.

We felt driver Garland Clarke's pain driving down Tom Joye Road in Clover; we hit a pothole and it shook the entire truck.

Clark says potholes are on his daily commute from home to work and back, including Boyd Road, Paraham Road and Lincoln Road.

"It’s big-time bad," Clark said, "They got potholes that will almost bust your tire."

Clark blames the storm for making existing potholes worse and creating new ones.

"The potholes are bigger, deeper, and everything they patched in the last six or seven months is gone."

His truck is more than 25 years old with a quarter million miles; the last thing he wants is a pothole putting it down.

"I get on the wrong side of the road to keep from hitting the holes," he said.

Clark says he knows it's dangerous, but he's familiar with the roads and always watches for other traffic.

Speaking of blown-out tires, Killian's Service Center has seen plenty of them lately.

"I can't keep up with them; I can't count that many," said owner Dan Killian.

Repair jobs include bent rims, too. Killian says his most expensive repair job is $1,800 dollars on a car that lost two tires and rims due to bottoming out in a pothole.

In general, DOT officials say potholes that are traffic hazards will be repaired quickly, just like I-485.

Contracts for repaving jobs typically don't happen until it's warmer.

You can report potholes to your state DOT or city if they handle road maintenance. Be prepared to give specific locations.

NCDOT closed two lanes between South Boulevard (exit 65) and I-77 (exit 67) from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday for pavement repairs.

This section of the interstate is part of the I-485 widening project to add one lane in each direction between I-77 and Rea Road