Birkdale Golf Club could have more than tax troubles

Birkdale Golf Club could have more than tax troubles



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Posted on July 3, 2013 at 5:39 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 3 at 6:00 PM

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- A popular golf club shut down by the IRS will reopen Thursday but this may not be the end of its troubles. 

They aren’t exactly members, but geese were the only ones on the greens at Birkdale Golf Club Wednesday afternoon.

"Well it's a shame," part-time employee Walter Morgan said.

The Department of Revenue shut the club down Tuesday because they owed thousands in back taxes. Club ownership paid up the next day, but NBC Charlotte found out there may be more trouble ahead.

Several employees said they were regularly paid late.

Morgan, “They’re about a month behind. How long has it been that way? A long time.”

Morgan has worked for the club for five years and says his checks are often late and sometimes bounce.

“If you’re supposed to be paid Thursday this week, you might not get paid until next Thursday,” he said.

Carolina Trails owns the Birkdale Golf Club and six others in the Charlotte area. The Department of Labor confirmed there’s an ongoing investigation into the company.

Earlier this year, another Labor Department investigation forced the company to pay 347 employees a quarter of a million dollars in back pay.

“I’m really disappointed they let it go to this point. This is a great golf course, a great place. We get a lot of play here and to see this thing go down like this, everybody is disappointed,” Morgan said.

NBC Charlotte found several lawsuits pending against the company filed by vendors who say they, too, haven’t been paid.

Morgan is worried.

“At some point, they keep going like this, and someone is going to take it over. Can’t continue to be this way,” he said.

The club is expected to reopen Thursday. NBC Charlotte’s calls to the owners were not returned.