Clinic nurses give cancer patient wedding

Love shines in dark time for expecting mother

Something big happened at the Cleveland Clinic that had as much to do with spontaneous Compassion as it does with fighting cancer.

It was a cancer diagnosis that moved so many.

An unexpected outpouring of compassion to make sure young mother-to-be, Sabrenia, marked a major milestone.

When days counted, kindness prevailed.

A marriage ensued, and those who had a part in it all, will tell you, they're forever changed because of it.

Even though Sabrenia’s cancer had come back a couple of times, this time, the diagnoses was particularly grim.

This time, doctors told 20-year-old Sabrenia she had multiple stage four cancer tumors.

"I was here when they told her what we found. It felt as if they diagnosed me," said Cleveland Clinic nurse, Renee Blankenburg.

"We don't know how long I have but I don't see it that way," Sabrenia said from her Cleveland Clinic hospital bed, where she gets 'round-the-clock meds to manage pain.

So, knowing Sabrenia's plans to marry the love of her life had been put on hold.

"We thought to ourselves, why not?” said Blankenburg. "We can do this together. We gave her a wedding. It was her one wish she wanted, so we had to do it."

Cleveland Clinic nurses took care of everything. They got Brian and Sabrenia's marriage license.

They found someone to donate the dress. Someone else donated the flowers.

The Fetal Care Coordinator even made the wedding cake.

There was a lot at stake the night Brian Haney and his beautiful bride were married on the roof of the Cleveland Clinic.

Sabrenia, who wasn't even supposed to be able to get pregnant was carrying Baby Xavier.

Blankenbrug can’t hold back tears and hugs Sabrenia when she says, “It felt great. To see these two so happy, but it’s hard. It's not fair. We all feel that way. She's too young and it's not fair.

"You just really can't give up. You just have to keep looking forward,” says Sabrenia, who turned 21 on that day she became Mrs Brian Haney.

September 14 also marked seven years since their first date.

"Now we are going to get her that baby, and she can hold that baby and we can move on," said Blankenburg.

"I'm just glad he's going to have both of his parents in his life. We want to give him a life that every child deserves to have," said the newly married Sabrenia Haney.

"She is certainly up against the odds. But she wants to be one of those miracles that beats the odds," said Dr. Katherine Singh, a Cleveland Clinic Fetal Medicine Specialist.

“I could have six months. I could have a year. I could live another 10 years.  We don’t know.There’s no reason to fret over it. No one really knows when it's their time," said Haney.

Xavier will most likely have to be delivered early so Sabrenia can start chemotherapy.

She said he was kicking during the whole wedding.

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