GIFT IDEAS: Family Fun Magazine's Toy of the Year Awards

<b>GIFT IDEAS:</b> Family Fun Magazine's Toy of the Year Awards

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Children test out the top twelve toys for Christmas at the Toy Retailers Association's annual 'Dream Toys' fair on October 31, 2012 in London, England. The Toy Retailers Association announced today the toy industry's official prediction of the top 12 selling toys for Christmas. (Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)


by staff

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 2:52 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- The kids have spoken and Family Fun magazine has revealed its 'Toy of the Year' winners for 2013. 

So, out of 300 toys that were put to the test, which toys made the top 10 this holiday season?
1. Zoomer: A robotic puppy that barks, rolls over, plays dead and even lifts a leg to handle his business. Prices start at $99.99.

2. John Deere Radio Control Tractor: A tractor on super-sized wheels that can go over carpet, grass, mud and water. Prices start at $99.99.

3. Hot Wheels Carcade: Race-car game that blasts cars around a pinball machine-like speedway. Prices start at $79.99.

4. FurReal Friends Cuddles: An animatronic plush animal programmed with over 100 different responses and sounds. Prices start at $79.99.

5. Battroborg: Modern take on the Rock'em Sock'em Robots of yesteryear, complete with Wii remote-style controllers. Prices start at $79.99.

6. Air-Stream Machines: Kids learn science through the construction of 10 air-powered gadgets, including a hovercraft. Prices start at $69.95.

7. R.V. Seeing You Camper: A 20-inch camper for the Our Generation line of dolls. Prices start at $59.99.

8. B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield: Launchers send marbles flying and crashing into red bricks, based on the anime TV series. Prices start at $29.99.

9. Pom-Pom Puppies: A Chihuahua made out of pom-poms from a DIY yarn kit. Prices start at $19.99.

10. 2-in-1 Shop & Cook: Kids fill up a grocery cart with play food, then flip down the sides of the grill to cook the it. Prices start at $49.99.