Dion's Daily Deals | Valentine's Day freebies

Dion's Daily Deals | Valentine's Day freebies


by DION LIM / NewsChannel 36


Posted on February 14, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 14 at 6:01 PM

Happy Valentine’s Day D3 Readers,

Americans are spending on average $116 this year on Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I think if you love someone you should show it year-round, so I don’t take it too seriously, but wearing red and eating extra chocolates is fun anyway. 

(How UN-seriously do my fiancé and I take the holiday?  He gave me a pizza our first V-Day together, 4 years ago! How many women out there would be engaged to a man who gave you a pizza for Valentine’s Day?)

Anyway!  Here are some great V-Day themed freebies for today’s edition of Dion’s Daily Deal.

First up, the folks at fancy chocolatier Godiva have something called the Rewards Club, where you sign up online and in return you’ll get a free piece of chocolate each month and other periodic deals.

For something else stereotypically V-Day related… perfume.  I found two samples, one for men and one for the ladies.

Boss Hugo Boss fragrance Sample 

Lacoste Pink fragrance

Lastly, my favorite year-round restaurant gift certificates place is www.restaurant.com

The site offers $25 gift certificates for just $10 on a regular-basis, but with the special code “LOVE”—you’ll get these gift certificates for just $2!  TWO DOLLARS!

Now, there are restrictions, like some restaurants won’t let you use the GC’s on certain holidays or weekend dinners, but check it out—you’ll be surprised at what a wide range of restaurants is available.

Supplies while limited and as always, can change at any time. 

If you're hungry -- like Lenny’s Sub Shop on Facebook, and you’ll get a free half-pound sub!

Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday. 

See you on TV.