Dion's Daily Deals

Dion's Daily Deals

Dion's Daily Deals


by DION LIM / NBC Charlotte

DION LIM / NBC Charlotte

Posted on January 28, 2011 at 1:18 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 1 at 4:13 PM

Jan. 1: Ice cream

December 23: Starbucks, magazines

November 19: K-Cups

November 18: Coffee, breakfast, collages and more!

November 15: Holiday tunes

November 14: Holiday tea

November 12: Coffee deals

November 11: Additional specials for Veterans Day!

November 8: A Vetran's Day Special!

November 6: Free IHOP

November 4: Free Betty Crocker recipe book and Outback Bloomin' Onion

November 1: Free Sleep Aid samples & Loreal shampoo

October 31: Yogurt and corndogs

October 30: Candy for the troops

October 24: K-cups, designer fragrance

October 23: Gucci fragrance

October 16: Whiskey Stones, BOGO Chinese

October 8: Free pancakes for kids

October 7: Try Prilosec, Bio True contact cleaner

October 4: Free Mac & Cheese and body lotion

October 3: Half-off Starbucks

October 2: Free popcorn in Gov't shutdown

October 1: Dog treats

September 30: Panda Express Deal

September 26: More free coffee!

September 25: Free coffee and free candy

Septemeber 24: Free coffee, sweetener

September 23: Free Advil & fish oil

September 20: More shampoo and conditioner

September 19: Shampoo, conditioner, lotion

September 18: Cheeseburgers and donuts

September 17: Waterproof Nexcare bandages

September 16: Airborne, Healthy Weight dog food

September 12: Makeup, fragrance samples

September 3: Krispy Kreme, Starbucks

August 30: BOGO Starbucks, lotion

August 28: Free Chick-Fil-A

August 26: US Weekly, congestion relief

August 22: BOGO Burgers

August 21: Greek Yogurt Zone Bar

August 20: Snapple K-Cups

August 19: Katy Perry perfume, Fancy Feast

August 16: Free motion sickness medicine

August 15: Free organic spread

August 14: Dog food, baby formula

August 13: Free music downloads

August 12: Discounted iTunes gift cards

August 9: Free Bath and Body Works

August 8: Dog treats

August 7: Free Ovaltine, please!

August 6: Breathe Right, Advil

August 5: RedBox DVD rentals

August 2: Free Starbucks -- 2 ways!

August 1: BOGO Starbucks, IKEA entree

July 31: Philosophy Time in a Bottle

July 30: Justin Timberlake song download

July 29: Free stickers & half-priced cheesecake

July 26: Free shake, prenatal drink

July 25: Free tea, coffee

July 22: Baby products, natural dog snacks

July 19: Free hotdogs and perfume samples

July 18: Iced Tea Thursdays

July 17 : Snag free mags! 

July 16: Origins face mask

July 15: Free paint and photo prints

July 12: Free bang, bang shirmp

July 11: Free slurpee, hair care

July 10: Free body wash and magazine

July 9: Free blowout, bowling

July 8: Free Ben & Jerry's and Snickers Ice Cream

July 5: Free calendar, hair care product

July 4: Free 4th of July movie, Bloomin' Onion

July 3: Hair extensions, free movie

July 2: Godiva Chocolate!

June 27: Hygiene products, discount coffee

June 26: Cheap flip flops and free Woolite

June 25: Discounted drinks and food

June 24: Free Red Robin burger & Lance crackers

June 21: Free Panda Express, magazines

June 20: BOGO burritos, free donuts & coffee

June 19: Psoriasis care, caffeine tablets

June 18: Free sunflower seeds, skin care products

June 17: $1 flip flops in time for summer

June 12: BOGO Pei Wei

June 11: Snag Dad a free Cannoli

June 10: Free tea

June 5: Free Snapple, pet treats and photo magnet

June 4: Cartier perfume, Chewy vitamins

June 3: Free fresh breath dog treats

May 31: Free Panda Express & Ice Cream

May 30: Free coffee-- three ways!

May 27: Memorial Day edition

May 23: Food deals, dental adhesive

May 22: Waffle House, Starbucks

May 21: Just for Kids song downloads

May 20: Health edition

May 17: Free kitty litter and Kotex samples

May 16: Haircare edition

May 15: Free Krispy Kreme Donut

May 14: Free Smashburger!

May 13: Free Ben and Jerry's & Waffle House flavored waffle


May 10: Free Pepsi Next & IKEA breakfast

May 9: Free Outback app, Caramel Candy Latte

May 8: Free TCBY, Tai Pei dinners

May 6: Discount Hallmark cards in time for Mother's Day!

May 3: BOGO Starbucks Frappaccinos

May 2: Eat Smart Bar, NC Aboretum admission

May 1: Loreal Miracle Blur

April 30: Free Ovaltine, please!

April 29: Candy bar, $25 Walgreens giftcard

April 25: BOGO Subway, movie theater deals

April 24: Gevalia Coffee, Shout Color Catcher

April 23: Brugger's Bagels, Pepsi Next

April 22: Earth Day Edition

April 11: Super deal at Express

April 10: Tax Day Steals!

April 5: Jet's Pizza, Bath & Body Works

April 4: Ben & Jerry's!

April 3: Arby's, Panda Express

April 2: Pinkberry, Einstein Bros. Bagels

April 1: Free grilled shrimp from Outback!

March 29: Free fitness trial and toilet paper

March 28: Free IKEA umbrella & Arabica

March 27: Slurpee, BOGO Smashburger

March 26: Snickers, Outback Steakhouse

March 25: Bloomin' Onion, Garnier Skin Renew

March 22: Waffle House, Walgreens Photo Shoots

March 21: Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer

March 20: Kate Spade perfume, DiGiorno pizza

March 19: Free Dave Matthews, DaVinci Code dowloads

March 18: Free Italian Ice and Walgreen's 8x10 photo collage

March 14: Quest Bars, Redbox

March 13: SXSW music downloads

March 12: BOGO Starbucks, free protein bar

March 11: Lysol wipes, paint, Gucci perfume and Teavana

March 7: Hydroxycut, Nordic Naturals supplements

March 6: Krispy Kreme, custom cards and more

March 5: Ikea, yogurt and more

March 4:  iTunes gift card, Redbox, & hair care

March 1: Free tea, magazine and perfume

February 27: Slurpee, Bath and Body Works

February 26: Sbarro, Lane Bryant

February 25: VitaMelts, Chili's appetizer

February 22: Cinnabon, Yankee Candle and more

February 21: Free mouthwash and more

February 20: Zaxby's, eat smart bar

February 19: Kotex sample, Starbucks offer

February 18: Free Starbucks, TGI Fridays

February 15: Observer offer, free mascara

February 13: Panda Express, Aveda

February 11: Tea offers, Cascade pack

January 24: Panera treat, pet safety kit

January 23: Slow cooker cookbook, Atkins Diet starter kit

January 21: Free Oscar Mayer and Elle magazine

January 18: Free Bath & Body works and Sun-maid cookbook

January 10: Magazine subscription, lotion and shampoo

January 9: Popcorn, coffee, cake offers

January 7: Free gum and Starbucks coffee

January 4: Baskin Robbins, Wiggles songs

January 3: Free Amazon music

January 2: Free Subway, Pedigree and tea

January 1: New Year's Day edition