Gastonia woman shares story of rare, valuable Goodwill find

Gastonia woman shares story of rare, valuable Goodwill find


by BORA KIM / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on April 25, 2013 at 7:07 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 25 at 7:21 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It is considered the “holy grail” for video game collectors. The game is so rare that it’s garnered unexpected world-wide attention for a Gastonia woman.

"As the ‘mystery woman’, or the ‘Goodwill Hunter’ as some websites had called me," she said.

She is choosing to remain anonymous until the auction of her rare find is over.

"Very shocked, very surprised, We didn't know it would go this far," said the self-professed bargain shopper.

She is identifying herself by her username “Quadfather4” on the auction website,

There you will find the listing for her 1987 Nintendo NES Stadium Events. The website is calling this sale, the “Super Bowl of Auctions.”  The current lone bid stands at $12,000.

“They think it's one of the best that they've seen, as far as quality. It came with the case and the box like that. The seal (cellophane) is broken, but as far as the way it looks, it's the best that they've seen,” she said.

The accounting major gave NBC Charlotte a glimpse of the game Wednesday.

“We pretty much left it alone. We don’t move it; we keep it out of the sun. It’s been sealed in a plastic bag since we bought it. We took it out once to take pictures of it for the auction.”

She says she often visits thrift store looking for bargains, but rarely resells her finds.  This one was made at the Steele Creek Goodwill Store.

"I saw the glass case behind the counter had about 20-30 NES games, and I saw that and I knew what it was when I saw it. My heart was racing the whole time. I reviewed it online and knew. We remembered the Yahoo post years ago of a women selling video games, that had that (Stadium Events) in the group, and it went for over $10,000,” she said.

She soon took it to, “Save Point Video Games” in Charlotte. The owner took a picture of her purchase, and then the story took off.

The highest confirmed-bid paid was over $22,000. A factory sealed North-American original edition can go for twice as much.  Stadium Events was released in 1987 for a test market, then repackaged and released under a new company and name.

Bidders have until 10 p.m. Sunday, ET before time runs out.

What is she expecting for this highly-coveted game?

"More than $8.00 I spent, we are okay. Hopefully it will be enough to pay off my student loan. I may get lucky enough to pay off the entire thing," she said.