PSL holders forgo big payout to see Panthers

PSL holders forgo big payout to see Panthers



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Posted on January 2, 2014 at 6:49 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 2 at 7:55 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Lots of people are desperate to be at the Panthers game next Sunday as the team plays for the division championship.

After checking for tickets online, they're hitting up their friends – PSL holders, and despite some serious possible paydays, most NBC Charlotte talked to aren't selling!

He stands alone. One man. On a mission.

“Trying to purchase some tickets today,” Lawrence Sauls said as he stood outside the team store at the stadium. Sauls is from Jacksonville -- 275 miles away -- and he's been outside the stadium for hours.

“I tried the box office, Ticketmaster -- they told me they were sold so I'm going to wait it out and maybe someone will come by and bless me with some tickets.”

Hmm, not sure even Riverboat Ron would gamble on that.

“We have two, and we're going. I'll be there front row, rooting the guys on,” Brad Griffin told us.

He’s been a PSL holder since the beginning and like others we ran in to, says he’s hanging on to the tickets, despite the cash he’s been offered.

“I've probably had ten people today asking about it or asking if I was going or wanting to sell them, so there are a lot of people wanting tickets to this game,” he said.

Clayton Vaught is also an original PSL holder. “I got -- I don't know how many text messages after Sunday’s game. ‘Do you have tickets?’ I feel bad, I don't.” He’s going to the game.
Desperate fans have taken to Craigslist looking for sympathy and some tickets. There's a soldier just back from Afghanistan, and a dad with two kids in college.

Both say they've got some leads, but nothing yet.

The fans we found at the Panthers store say even some serious cash isn't enough to get their tickets.

“You know, when you see some of the dollar amounts, somebody said they're in the thousands, the thoughts in the back of your mind -- but as a Charlottean, a diehard fan, a PSL holder, I want to see the story be written for this team,” Mike Henderson said.

Griffin agreed, “My tickets for the game going forward are going for a thousand a piece, tough to give that up, but being a true fan I want to be here for the game!”

How can you desperate fans get your hands on tickets then?

1)    Ticket exchange – Good news:  9,779 seats for sale, and they’re real. Bad news: expensive, plus $27 in Ticketmaster fees.
2)    Stubhub -- Good news: 10,944 seats for sale, and they’re real. Bad news: expensive.
3)    Vivid Seats -- Good news: lowest minimum at $109. Bad news: high fees make up the difference - $31.40, yikes!
4)    Craigslist -- Good news: last minute deals to be had. Bad news: are you sure they’re real?
5)    Scalpers -- Good news: always there, rain or shine. Bad news: do you really trust that guy?
6)    Kindness/Pity -- Good news: you may have friends you don’t know. Bad news: You probably don’t.