3 charged in man's fatal overdose

(L-R) John Glenn, Dustin Jolly and Leah Glenn


by GLENN COUNTS / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on August 5, 2013 at 7:05 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 6 at 4:50 AM

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. -- Stanly County Sheriff's Deputies and agents with the State Bureau of Investigation have made three arrests in connection with the deadly overdose of a 30-year-old Albemarle man.

William Hudson died in April after he tried a Fentanyl patch for the first time.

"Will went to sleep that night, never woke up. It's a mighty peaceful way to go, but it's a shame," said Rodger Hudson, the victim's father.

Hudson says his son was a bright kid with a degree in business from the University of Charleston, but he battled drug and alcohol problems for several years.

"He was just like his mother; he was very peaceful. [I] can't ever remember an ugly word from him."

His death sparked a four-month long investigation which resulted in the arrest of Leah and John Glenn, the owners of the Smoking Penny Smoke Shop located on 24/27 near 601 in Cabarrus County.

"It's my understanding that the drug was prescribed by a physician to the Glenn's," said Stanly County Sheriff Rick Burris.

Doctors say that Fentanyl is an extremely powerful painkiller that can be deadly in the wrong hands.

"I don't know if it was a lot. It was enough that it cut a red light on for us and also made us aware of this drug's potential to spread throughout this community," said the Sheriff.

The Glenn's doctor has a practice on Moorehead Street in Charlotte. He's not been arrested, and authorities won’t name him, but deputies say the North Carolina Medical Board is investigating his prescription practices.

Hudson doesn't blame him for his son's death. He says Will made his own choices, but he still has some questions for the doctor.

"I'd want him to answer some questions as to how the drug that he put out here got on the street. How does he explain that, and the life of my child was taken. Does he have any remorse," said Hudson. 

In addition to the Glenn's, investigators also arrested Dustin Jolly, who allegedly sold the patch to Will Hudson are facing numerous drug-related charges.

Authorities say they also found heroin in addition to Fentanyl at the Smoke Shop.