Neighbors complain about Charlotte strip club patrons

Neighbors complain about Charlotte strip club patrons


by TONY BURBECK / NBC Charlotte

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Posted on December 13, 2013 at 6:44 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 13 at 7:50 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Neighbors say overflow crowds from a popular Charlotte strip and dance club are responsible for numerous car break-ins, noise complaints and garbage problems nearly a mile away.

The issue is that at times, Cameo Gentleman's Club gets so packed that there isn't enough room in the club's parking lots, so patrons drive to places like Westport Road to park.

It's there where business owners say they frequently find things like beer bottles, syringes, condoms and other debris on the street and in their yards.

"You can see where they've torn it up here," said recycling company business owner Allan Stark, while pointing at tire tracks in front of his building."

"And they knocked down the sign," he said while pointing at a flattened street sign.

Others on Westport Road say cars have parked on their grass too.

Another complaint includes people charging club patrons to park in private parking lots that don't belong to them, where they had no permission to do so.

Numerous cars have also been broken into.

Police reports describe windows smashed, and money, purses, wallets, guns and stereos stolen after people parked their cars and walked to Cameo.

"That is a definitely a concern, absolutely," said Stark.

Police say surrounding hotels have complained about traffic congestion and noise from cars attending the club, but not from inside the club itself.

Police say there have been few incidents reported from club property. There was a shooting in the parking lot last month after two people got into a fight.

Police have increased patrols.

"They've certainly been around a lot more," Stark said.

The club owner says he hires extra private security on busy nights and also now has them on garbage patrol by Stark's business because he's trying to take care of his neighbors the best he can.

But, he can't help and isn't responsible for what people do almost a mile away.

A business right next to Cameo put up a gate to keep people out of their lot, but say the club owner always notifies them about big events and comes over to clear up their lot once it's over.

Police have also found themselves directing traffic because of the club, with cars impacting congestion around I-85 and Billy Graham Parkway.